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Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2004
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My mother doesn't have to try at all to make me feel unwelcome at my dad's, and she doesn't even live here! To top it all off, it's my room that she stays in when she's here. She's been around for... 3 weeks maybe, and it's been 3 weeks too long if you ask me. She's been such a bitch and sometimes I wonder how her boyfriend can stand her at all. But then I wonder if she treats him a lot better than she does her own kids, which really hurts. Her boyfriend is in the hospital with his jaw wired shut and blood draining out of his lungs, and all because he's an alcoholic. Anyway, I was minding my own business the other night while my mother had an argument with my dad and brother. When they left the house, she came in my room screaming at me because I was the only one left. I couldn't take her shit anymore, and especially with her screaming and swearing while was Liam in my arms. I told her to stop and when she didn't, I dressed Liam up and walked out of the house. I had nowhere to go and didn't even take my purse or diaper bag so I was glad when my dad came a few minutes later in the car, picked up my stuff at his house and took me back to my place. She didn't even apologize afterwards and she didn't have any right to do it in the first place. It's just one thing after another, and she's always trying to force me out of here when I come over. She won't leave a minute too late.

Liam has been quite a handful lately as well; he refuses to nap. He'll only nap in my arms and wakes up crying if I try to put him down so I never get anything done. He's been unbelievably fussy and tests everyone's patience. My mother went over to my place today to get out of the house and I was able to really clean for the first time in 1.5 months. I even got to use my mop! But yeah, Liam has been stretching my patience. I let him cry a few times for 5-10 minutes before I picked him up again because I just couldn't handle it anymore and I wanted to try and do a few things around the house. I can't listen to his cries either though, it just breaks my heart. I knew being a single mom would be hard, but this is beyond anything I ever imagined.

The cops are after my sister and her boyfriend too. I don't know the details, but there's supposed to be a big prostitution ring in town and my sister's boyfriend is supposedly one of the pimps. They actually lived in the house where it all goes on, but they got kicked out and live here at my dad's now. My sister claims to have some girl's diary with a lot of information about this ring, but doesn't know where it is. Anyway, the cops came to the house today wanting said diary. Except my dad is a packrat and it's impossible to find anything. My sister said they were going to come back with a search warrant but I don't know if they will or not. She really knows how to get in the middle of things, that girl.

Our town tried to get in the Guiness Book of World Records over the weekend; something to do with the longest string of moving snowmobiles. Only they never stayed at the right distance intervals... but I think that's pretty hard to do with 835 snowmobiles. It would have been pretty cool though.

Nicole's got back on Sunday, you have NO idea how happy it makes me to have a good friend back here. She's still busy settling in and will be working 8-4 every day, but I'm actually going to be doing things outside of my house again. Wow.

I'm wearing: Baby tee, flare pants, Tigger socks
I'm listening to: Step by step *New Kids on the Block*
I'm thinking: My mother is evil

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