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Yay for names
Sunday, Oct. 12, 2003
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It's been three days and still no reply from Justin. Surprise, surprise. Maybe my e-mail was a bit harsh but I was NOT going to put up with his bullshit anymore. I saw April at the grocery store yesterday, she came into town for Thanksgiving weekend and she told me that Justin was going to Stephenville for the weekend. From St. John's. Not from the Philippines as he so happily likes to call it. Loser. I mean who's going to believe a university dropout when they say they're teaching English out in the Philippines of all places? He can't even spell it right for crying out loud. April asked where my belly was though... I seriously wish this thing would just balloon out so the questions will stop.

I don't think I've actually unveiled my little boy's name on here yet, have I? He's had it even before I knew he was actually a boy because Mommy knew he was going to be a boy all along anyway. So, here's an official welcome to Liam Dietrich! I figured I'd keep it to myself until he was born because what if he doesn't look like a Liam? But everyone's always calling him Liam anyway so it's kinda stuck now. When did the movie "Stepmom" come out, 1996, 1997? I don't know, but I saw the name there (that annoying little boy) and I've loved it ever since. Dietrich is my dad's name and how could I not give my son a part of my dad? I've already started getting the mispronounciations and I can tell it's going to drive me insane but I'm not naming my child for the rest of the world dammit. Combine his name with my last name and he's screwed from birth, but there's nothing I can do about that. And he's DEFINITELY not getting Justin's last name. He's lucky he's getting half of Justin's genes but that was out of my control, heh.

I have yet another announcement to make: my credit card balance is finally at 0.00. It's only taken me, what... two years to pay off? And you know what's even more depressing? Now that I've finally gotten it all paid off, I have to start maxxing it out again already because Cloud 9 Softies is open for business again. Those diapers are awesome, and she's closing her business for good in December so I have to stock up on all sizes before then. Sometimes I wish this stuff would just magically come in the mail because decent diapers are like $10 each! Being pregnant all by myself can be pretty shitty; I don't even remember what it's like to buy things for myself anymore, even things I NEED. Like maternity clothes, or at least clothes that don't bare my belly or cut off any circulation. Oh the joys of (lack of) money.

My bum's sore, I need to go rest it.

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