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Wednesday, Oct. 03, 2001
Marie is The current mood of at

I'm a super girl and I'm here to save the world

bif the purple bear

michelle branch stickers

bellybutton infection

pics of girls with tongue rings

bi-bi love

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I want another computer


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fucking my baby sister in bed ****Note: I REALLY shouldn't even put this on here, but it goes to show how sick some people are... and I'd like to know how it even relates to my diary!****

i want you to want me - katie holmes

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Mandy Moore Cursor

long survey about me

is my internet boyfriend cheating on me

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I want to get married

i want you to want me diaryland marieh ****these kind of searches are starting to freak me out because people are SPECIFICALLY trying to find me and succeeding****

get rid of "frosh 15"


hair cut off

eyes like yours - shakira to download

I Want You to Want Me,

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i want you to want me from Save Ferris

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leila and sarah

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I'm such a pig

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fat OR weigh OR weight OR pounds OR lbs OR pigged OR chub OR belly

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I know there's tons more, but I can't check my stats every day...

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