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Wednesday, Mar. 10, 2004
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How does the time manage to fly by so quickly? I swear I never seem to get anything done, I don't even have Liam's birth certificate yet. I've never vacuumed my apartment yet which I've been in for a month (but doesn't mean no one else has!), I haven't had time for a bath and hardly have time for showers.

For quite a while, I thought Liam was a high-needs baby and that I would never come out of this alive. He would never let me put him down, he always wanted to nurse, he couldn't sleep or nap on his own... being a single parent, I never got anything done. I still think he's a high-needs baby, but he's become a little less demanding and it's saved my sanity. I actually have time to eat now; the only way I got to eat before was if my dad brought something for me, or I went over to his place to eat. I never got to have a shower unless someone came to watch Liam, and I'd have to put him down screaming to get laundry done. I heard that the first 6-8 weeks with a new baby is hell, but hell is an understatement. I love my son with all my heart but he was running me ragged. There were a few times I just had to cry along with him because I didn't know what else to do and wished that I never got pregnant in the first place. So now that he's giving me a little bit of a break, I can try to recuperate (sp). Imagine, being able to put a sleeping baby down and have him stay asleep... who would've thought?!

Having said that, Liam's really turning into a little person now. He can have a conversation with you, it's the cutest thing... of course he's just babbling, but he'll wait for you to finish what you're saying and then say something himself, and he'll go back and forth like that for quite a while. Last night I asked him what he wanted to do and he seriously said "go". And then a few minutes later, he went, if you know what I mean. How crazy is that? He smiles and coos and really checks stuff out now. And oh, how he loves to pull on your hair.

I have to get going, someone is running out of patience even in his grandpa's arms... but here's a picture from when he turned a month old.

I'm wearing: Long-sleeved tee, crocheted flare jeans, pooh/tigger socks
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