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Money talk
Thursday, Mar. 27, 2003
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My family came home this afternoon, waking me up. I yelled out, "thanks a lot, you woke me up from a good nightmare!", and I get a reply of "nightmare?" It was interesting, honest. I just can't remember what it was about anymore. My nightmares these days have been so out there; I'm beginning to think my imagination doubles each day or something.

I have money, la la la. My tax return came today and you might think it's a pitiful cheque, but I haven't worked for two years so I'm not going to say anything. I have to get my ass to the bank and deposit it because I have some overdue bills. Of course my main credit card will still be owing... like $900, but I can figure that out later. Actually, I think Melissa and Damieon will be paying me back sometime soon. Maybe Sandra as well, but I'm not counting on my money back from Marilyn. God only knows who else I've loaned money to, I can't even keep track anymore. My dad informed me that "the troll bitch called from the library, growling about a ton of overdue books and we owe 24 bucks" blah, blah, blah. I hate that Hyra; I'm beginning to think that she wears really tight underwear or something, 'cause no one is naturally that grumpy.

And I just found out that my dear sister snuck her debit card out over March break and spent her life savings on pot and beer. I can see her 10 years in the future... she'll get her welfare cheque and promptly go and supply herself with mind-altering substances while the phone and hydro gets cut, her cupboards go empty, and her pack of kids are diaperless (because she'd never cloth diaper) and neglected. She forgot egg-baby on two seperate occasions today and put it in the fridge early in the evening, where it still is. Who the hell puts their kids in the refridgerator?

Nicole's coming home in 19 days. In 19 days, my family will forget what I look like and the house will fall apart. On second thought, I'd like the house to be intact... maybe I'll come here to visit my sweet doggie.

He wants attention so I shall go and give him some.

I'm wearing: Baby tee, stretchy flares, blue/black socks, flower slippers
I'm listening to: Track #6 on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack (haha, ironically enough it has something to do with having a dream)
I'm thinking: It's warming up outside, wow...

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