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Punk-ass neighbors
Saturday, Aug. 16, 2003
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Fucking neighbors. I swear, ever since they moved in across the street, things have gotten so much worse. I can deal with the loud music at night and the constant yelling and goofing around they do outside. I can deal with vehicles always going back and forth, their LAZY ASSES loudly honking horns and completely pissing our dogs off in the meantime. Hell, I can even shrug off the time that they fucking STOLE our dog sign from the driveway. But, I cannot deal with them coming onto our property and stealing things that belong to us. Why would someone steal our gas cans? Things they wouldn't even see from the street (our house is enveloped by trees). But I certainly cannot handle them trying to fucking BREAK INTO MY HOUSE at 3AM in the morning. They got so far as wedging one of the bedroom windows open, pulling out the screen, and trying to come right into our house. I swear, if it weren't for the dogs making such a racket, they probably would have traipsed right on in and given our family a nice amount of trouble. Who the FUCK has the nerve to do stuff like that? I'm scared shitless in my own house. If my dad thinks I'm going to live here with the baby, he's got another thing coming. I've been home sick since Friday morning and just the thought of people trying to come into my house while I'm asleep is making me so damn nervous. I'm not in the ghetto, I'm in a tiny town that's smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

For once, I'm not enjoying having the house to myself.

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