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another survey
August 24, 2001
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okay, i'm supposed to go and see lisa-marie, but here i am writing a survey instead. why am i such a procrastinator?

wallet: a blue plastic men's style that has pretty little loose star beads and the word "princess" on it

toothbrush: blue (i think everything i can control the color of is blue)

jewelry worn daily: my high school grad ring and my daughter's pride ring (MY ring, not my daughter's, i don't have one)

socks: well, they HAVE to match my shirt... even if i don't leave the house and no one will see. i'm such a dork.

pillow cover: tweety, unicorns, blue/white plaid, and flowers (not all at once!)

blanket: right now i'm using an ugly green one... sometimes the leapord print one my sari gave me for my birthday

coffee cup: the one i stole from tim horton's, used for my water when my crappy plastic glasses aren't clean

sunglasses: those wild wild west ones from burger king (yes, i'm cheap)

underwear: rust-colored thongs

shoes: either my yummy blue nikes or my yummy blue/black sandals

nailpolish: none for me, sometimes clear though (if i'm in the mood)

keychain: "if the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handed people are in their RIGHT MINDS" hehe

computer: compaq presario

favourite top: i have so many... mainly my butterfly one, all my v-necks, and my blue hoodie

favourite bottom: anything with bellbottoms

shampoo/conditioner: i'm always buying a different shampoo... right now i'm using some kid's shampoo that cost two bucks and came with a free stamper. ha. conditioner takes too much time, plus, i don't need it.

cologne/perfume: i'd die without my fetish, plus it smells good on the girlies =o)

cds in stereo right now: a mixed cd raz made for me, punk-o-rama vol 6, mixed cd, save the last dance soundtrack, and another mixed cd

stereo: for now, it's a panasonic. but lisa-marie's going to buy it and i'm going to get a smaller one out in new brunswick that will actually get used to its full potential (this stereo has more buttons than i ever use)

telephone: one of them is translucent blue with caller id, and the other is a black cordless.

okay, going over to lisa-marie's now. or so i think.

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