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a bunch of pictures
Tuesday, Jun. 11, 2002
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I'm too lazy to upload any new pictures at the moment, so whatever I have on my server is what you get...

And if you're ever-so nosey, I have all the pictures from my European vacation (July/August 2002) uploaded at a photo website here.

Here I am with my (slightly) longer and BLACKER hair (October 2002)

My sister and I at her prom (May 2002)

Damieon and I ventured out onto campus to look for Chris Sheppard, getting drunk along the way (April 2002)

A somewhat vogue shot of myself while enjoying free things from Crushgirl at Starbucks (February 2002)

Me in my aqua-colored hair phase, though I'd wanted blue (January 2002)

A picture of me in my thinner (and unpierced) body and longer hair (May/June 2000)

A picture taken unconsciously of me while tanning and blasting my tunes in Switzerland (May 2000)

I'm ever-so-happy to have a new little sister, can't you tell? (September 1986)

A portrait taken when I was two or three years old... so innocent and naive! (1984)

Me in my sexy clothes in Switzerland, and my dad watching my every move (1983?)

Taken on the same day, with my older cousin angie

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