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August 24, 2001
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Damieon: Until recently, he's been my closest friend. We got pregnant and then he turned into someone I don't even recognize anymore.

Brayden: My little baby. My pregnancy with him lasted eight weeks before a miscarriage took him away from me on my 21st birthday. I didn't think I could miss someone so much.

Nicole: A good friend since my year at college a few years ago. We've had our ups and downs but are still somewhat close.

Krista: One of my newer friends that I met when she decided to come to my university this year. She's fun to hang around with, a total trip.

Melissa: My partner in goofiness. We're practically the same person (even though she claims that I constantly embarrass her in public) and she's helped me through a lot. I don't think I've ever had any problems with her. Besides, I'm going to be one of her bridesmaids... how could it get any better than that?

Justin F: The jerk known as my ex-boyfriend. He still insists to include himself in my life and lead me on. He's super jealous and pisses me off far too easily.

Peggy: Melissa's fiancée, and a great friend. She swears I'm crazy and I make her laugh constantly. She's one cool chick in spite of the fact that she calls me a Newfie.

Justin D: My landlord... he's been giving me hell since I moved back home and he won't give my storage back. I'm going to haunt him when I die.

Robert: This guy is psycho. He's absolutely crazy, but he makes me laugh and he can always cheer me up if I'm having a bad day. He's always messing with me though because he knows about Crushgirl and he's threatening to tell her.

Joey: Robert's signifigant other and his total opposite. He's an absolute sweetie though, so we hang out a lot; me, Nicole, Joey, Damieon...

Marilyn: One crazy girl. She goes crazy at the clubs and I forever thank her for making me go see Bif Naked with her! She's a new mommy to her son, Jayden.

Crushgirl: I don't talk about her too often because I'm completely paranoid she'll find out... but she deserves some mentioning once in a while.

My dad: I'm a daddy's girl, and I talk about him even if we don't have a close relationship... it's one of those mutual things that we don't even have to talk about.

Miranda: My 16 year-old troubled sister. She never ceases to piss me off, and when she does you'll know it!

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