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The blues
Sunday, Sept. 19, 2004
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Liam is in his playpen right next to me occupying himself with toys and talking to them, so I'm wasting my time at the computer.

I really haven't had any motivation to get on here and write anymore. I thought I had nothing to talk about when I was just a 21 year-old student, but it seems I have even less to talk about now that I'm a 22 year-old mother. I mean, who really wants to read about teething and diapers and how a kid poops from day to day? Honestly, I don't do anything else but play my role as mother. Don't get me wrong, I love my son more than anything and I'd never take this turn in life and wish it never happened. My son is here and he's my life. But I feel so boring now, even to my family and friends. Is it just me or do all mothers feel that way at one point or another?

Nothing much has happened in my part of life. I've started losing my pregnancy weight slowly but surely, thanks to the little boy sucking the fat out of me. I'm still as single as they get, and I've become overly obsessed with my son's (cloth) diapers and am always dreaming about getting the unobtainable good stuff. I feel pretty "blah" and sometimes I wonder if I have minor post-partum depression or if I'm just pitying myself. It's probably the latter, but who wants to admit that?

Liam is a holy terror thanks to those pearly whites cutting through his tender gums. He's got four at the moment, and is cutting at least two more. I think I can handle anything after dealing with his teething. He's very mobile and finds everything to shove into his mouth. He's pulled carpet fibers off and tried to eat them! You cannot take your eyes off this kid. But he's just adorable and smart and funny. And I just about melt when he says "Mama". My little baby is almost 8 months old already, he'll be a year old before I know it; I don't want him to get any older, but it's going to happen and I know it can only get better (for the most part, heh).

I'm wearing: Flannel PJs, hippo socks
I'm listening to: Serendipity on the TV
I'm thinking: I need to stop being so lazy and get dressed

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