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bif pictures!!!!!!
Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2001
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So, here are the long-awaited Bif Naked show pictures....

Here's my ticket. I knew they were going to take it at the bar so I took a picture of it before I left.

Here's the cd cover that Bif signed for me, it's my prized posession.

Prevail from Swollen Members...

Here he is again, you'll see him a lot.

Here he is again...

He really loved the piping, as you can tell.

Prevail showing some love to the fans.

MOSH PIT! Here's one of the other Swollen Members.

And here's Project Wyze.

As you can tell, I was pretty close throughout the whole show. There was no zoom on my camera, so I was right there baby!

I was so close I could have touched them if I wanted! I didn't though... I was too concentrated on not getting knocked over and making sure I didn't lose my camera. And taking pictures!

And now, the goddess herself... Bif!

I was wide open for this picture. I said I was gonna get up front, no matter what I had to do to get there!

Bif looked right at me when I took this one!

She looks overheated here... just imagine how hot it was in the crowd! Luckily, Swollen Members and Project Wyze started flicking their bottled water on us to keep us cool.

Here's Bif, punking her ass off.

She looks lost here.

I got one of the bouncers to take this one for me, it's my favorite picture. She was singing "Stolen Sidewalk"; the crowd was just admiring her in silence.

So that was the show. I took more pictures, but I got the ceiling more than I wanted. Oh well, I had lots of fun!

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