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The dreaded phone call
Saturday, Nov. 22, 2003
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I got a somewhat intense phone call today. I knew it was coming and I also knew that the longer it took, the more uncomfortable it would be: my biological mother finally got off her high horse and picked up the phone to confirm my expectant state.

At least she wasn't drunk, I have to give her that much. She did try to drop a bunch of guilt on me for not being the one to give her the news... "I was kinda waiting for you to call me". Yeah, I'll call you... what the hell do we ever have to talk about? She's known since September; one of my mother's idiotic friends announced a congratulations to my biological family without even asking any of us if we'd actually told them yet. But it was very awkward, the whole conversation. She asked if she could be some sort of grandmother - "I won't if you don't want me to". I said yes, knowing she won't be around much anyway. I'm so glad that most of the people I don't like live plane rides away from me; I guess that's one of the perks for living in the middle of freaking nowhere. She's passing through town on the 1st, which is just a little over a week away. She's flying out into civilization to do some Christmas shopping. Oh how I hate people who have money at their disposal. At least I managed to direct $200 of that money for her to invest in buying Liam's carseat. She's calling again tomorrow to get the order number so she can get it for me. Now my Sears order is only $570. Only. And maybe she can "forget" the $325 I borrowed from her when I rented from the evil landlord. I really hope this isn't one huge mistake, but I guess I'll only know it when she screws something up and makes me regret ever having any genetic ties with her. Ugh, biological family.

The days are just flying by now. My work days have increased from three hours to four and I swear that one hour just takes everything outta me. I'm still doing a good job at avoiding naps but then again my bedtimes seem to be getting earlier and earlier. It's getting increasingly harder to work too, my belly seems to get in the way of almost everything. I've noticed that I can't sleep on my stomach anymore but instead I can use it as an armrest/makeshift table. I guess I have to make one sacrifice for another, heh.

My mother left to go back to her boyfriend earlier this week. I cannot stress how happy that makes me.

I can't pay attention to the computer anymore, maybe I'll have a bit more motivation this evening.

I'm wearing: Long-sleeved maternity shirt, velour stretchy pants, striped socks
I'm listening to: A random commercial
I'm thinking: I want my dad to come home

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